JVC SX-WD1KT Speakers

.JVC Nippon Victor intros their latest superior quality SX-WD1KT Speakers adopting wood cone design. The speakers feature a pure cabinet of 8.5cm. This model is a successor to Nippon’s February launch SX-WD5KT speakers. The new speakers SX-WD1KT will be available from earlier November at 29,400 Yen. Utilizing the cherry material the speakers exude pure sound.

JVC SX-WD1KT kit packs Screw ? 4 (M4 ? 20 mm), cord/code for speaker terminal, speaker terminal and duct, screw ?4 for the speaker terminal (M4?20 mm), the acoustic material (it is rough hair felt: Black) 200 mm ? 170 mm, (Playback wool felt: White) 200 mm ? 170 mm. For assembling the speakers Hexagonal wrench 3 mm, plus driver No.2, bond for carpenter, scissors, ruler and hammer are required.

Via: JVC