JVC NX-T10 Is Complete Home Theater

There are those who say that the “home theater in a box” idea is a way to push off overpriced, underpowered crap that can’t hope to match the power of proper single source components.  But the JVC NX-T10 is going to try and beat that by offering up a super-slim theater setup.  You can actually mount the speakers and such on the walls due to their relatively slim size.

The array has five hundred twenty watts of total power, and can handle playback of DVD, WMA, JPEG, and MPEGs four, two and one, as well as DivX, though I’m not really all that sure who actually uses DivX any more.  Anyway, it also has a front surround system with omni-directional speakers, HDMI with 1080p upconversion, touch panel operation, a slot-in DVD mechanism, USB music recording and a powered subwoofer.

This is actually a fairly complete system as systems go, and JVC has definitely put quite a bit of value in this package.  It’s not on Amazon yet, so there’s not much pricing data, but this is a pretty solid system as long as the price isn’t too out of line.