JVC LT42P789 LED Television Review-Great For The iPod Lovers

Today we have a look at a little surprise from JVC, the LT42P789, a television that will be sort of a mixed bag. It does some things very well, but others, not so much. So lets take a look at the ups and the downs of this strange new JVC.

The JVC LT42P789 is a forty two inch 1080p LED television that offers the JVC Teledock, which is basically a fully-featured iPod dock allowing you to not only play music through the ten watt speakers, but also play video stored on the device. It also boasts three HDMI ports, two component video inputs, an S-Video port, two AV inputs, a USB port, and an optical digital audio input.

The big question to a television like this is, basically, how big a deal is your iPod? If you’re constantly using your iPod, then the JVC LT42P789 is going to be a huge thing for you. The television itself, meanwhile, is mediocre at best–the video looks pretty nice, but unaugmented ten watt speakers only go so far. And in this case, “only so far” is about the same as “not far enough”.

Especially when you consider that the folks out at Amazon have these up for seven hundred and fifty bucks, which seems unusually high.

Still, the JVC LT42P789 isn’t the greatest television you’ll run into, but it will do a pretty fair job of things, especially if you happen to be really fond of your iPod. In that case, this will be a solid model for you, though you can likely do better with other televisions that boast iPod docks.