.JVC Nippon Victor (Inc.) has recently announced its new hi-vision image LT-42LH805 LCD. The new 42-inch model loads 10 bit fast liquid crystal IPS panel to deliver images with clear impression. A terrestrial BS 110 degree CS digital tuner is provided for easy broadcast of multichannel pay TV. LT-42LH805 is an average sized model of the series. With GENESSA engine now you get an improved image processing ability rapidly per 1 second actualizes the optimum full hi-vision image of 120 scenes (the number of scenes of usual 2 times). The expected release of the new model by JVC Victor would be in August 2007.

Product Features:

  • Annual electric power consumption quantity 205 kWh/ year
  • Electric power consumption 255W
  • Panel brightness (MAX value of LCD module) 500cd/ m2
  • Picture angle of visibility Up and down left and right 178 degrees
  • Power source AC100V (50/60Hz)
  • Resolution Approximately 622 ten thousand dots (Horizontal 1,920 dot ? vertical 1,080 dots ? RGB3)

Via: JVC

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