JVC HP-DX700 Wooden Headphones

JVC is proud to release its newest wooden housing finished headphone called HD-DX700. This one-piece solid wood cabinet forms a cylindrical sound chamber for a high quality sound output. It provides an ultrasound range of up to 30khz and an infrared range of up to 5hz.

The new JVC HP-DX700 Wooden Headphones is a dynamic sealed device that delivers 64? Impedence. It comes featureing a 50mm diameter drive unit. Providing a 1.5w maximum output, this new headphone from the house of JVC boats of producing a high quality sound for your ears. This headphone has in fact been designed to extend human hearing power with its exceptional features and clarity.

JVC HP-DX700 Wooden Headphones is a lightweight headphone weighing just 380g. It comes with a standard 24k gold-plated 3.5mm mini plug stereo jack. It is available in the Japanese market at a price of 65,000 yen or $730.