JVC DR-HX500/HX250 Recorders


Continuing the trend of making A-grade sound equipments, the JVC Company has widened its offerings by adding the latest DR-HX500 and HX250 Recorders to its list of products. These new HD video recorders allow users to record two programs at the same time.

The JVC DR-HX500 and HX250 Recorders support DTS and Dolby Digital format. They come with a DVD player, VHS player, analog/digital TV Tuner. In fact, both the models can be connected to various terminals such as HDMI, D4, S-video and few other outputs.

What makes them different from each other is their storage capacity. While the DR-HX500 has the storage capacity of 500 GB, other one has the lesser capacity of 250 GB.

Via: JVC