JVC DLA-RS2 HomeTheater Projector

Along with the DLA-HD100, JVC also announced recently its DLA-RS2 projector as part of its new 1080p home theater projector line.

The DLA-RS2 incorporate two HDMI inputs compatible with version 1.3 specifications, allowing users to take full advantage of the higher 225 MHz bandwidth, increased color depth of billions of colors, and enhanced resolution and frame rates.

The projector, same as the DLA-HD100, also offer a V-Stretch function for the most efficient projection of extra wide screen anamorphic movies. With V-Stretch, the image is expanded vertically so that every part of the D-ILA device is utilized to create the image, increasing brightness and sharpness. A third party anamorphic lens is used to stretch the image to its full extra wide 2.35:1 image ratio, just as seen in motion picture theaters.

The DLA-RS2 debuts at CEDIA accompanied by an array of certified peripherals as part of JVC Professional Product Company’s Reference Series line. Among these peripherals are the RSVP1, an advanced hub permitting single cable connection to the projector of a variety of HD and SD input sources.

The RSVP1’s embedded signal processing circuitry accommodates custom settings programmed by the installer. The RSAL1 motorized anamorphic lens enables 2.35 aspect ratio projection using all 1920×1080 D-ILA pixels. Constant screen height is provided when displaying 16:9 images.

The DLA-RS2 will be available through JVC Professional Products Company in November for less than $8,000.