John Pizzarelli and George Shearing

John Pizzarelli and George Shearing Team for SACD

Popular Jazz Singer John Pizzarelli has teamed with veteran jazz pianist George Shearing for Telarc’s latest Multichannel SACD release. Entitled “The Rare Delight of You”, the disc covers both jazz standards as well as several new musical selections. Here’s what Telarc has top say about their newest SACD release:

When a young lion of jazz comes face to face with an old master, the results can range from the adversarial to the inspired. But when guitarist/vocalist John Pizzarelli went into the studio with veteran pianist George Shearing last fall, rivalry and one-upmanship were nowhere in the program. On the contrary, the sessions resonated with mutual respect and admiration.

The resulting album, The Rare Delight of You: John Pizzarelli with The George Shearing Quintet, tells the tale. The best of two generations come together on one record as Pizzarelli—a relative youngster among the jazz ranks—teams up with Shearing in the tradition of the classic quintet and vocalist recordings pressed by the likes of Nat Cole, Nancy Wilson and the late Peggy Lee. Over the course of 15 tracks, Pizzarelli and Shearing lay down a mix of great standards (including “Be Careful, It’s My Heart,” “If Dreams Come True” and “Lost April”) as well as a couple of memorable originals (“The Rare Delight of You” and “I Predict”), all in vibrant arrangements that are nostalgic and fresh at the same time.

Backing Pizzarelli and Shearing on The Rare Delight of You is an outstanding quintet: vibraphonist Ted Piltzecker, guitarist Reg Schwager, bassist Neil Swainson and drummer Dennis Mackrel. Together they create a laid back but consistent foundation for the album’s two innovative frontmen.

“When one has the opportunity to work with a gifted singer and a fine musician, it’s always a pleasure,” says Shearing. “But when one comes upon a person who not only has these qualities but also is delightful to be around, has a disgustingly wonderful sense of humour, doesn’t mind rehearsing, is a gentleman to the core, loves good food and great wine…you’ve met John Pizzarelli. I loved every minute of our time together.”

“The music of George Shearing is everything that is right about the world,” says Pizzarelli, who first heard Shearing’s music through his father, veteran guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli. “It brings joy to all who hear it and turns the heads of all the musicians who are near it. George is always surprising, and frequently stunningly so.”

Individually, Pizzarelli and Shearing have each made their distinctive mark on the jazz landscape of their day. Together, their combined brilliance transcends the generations. The Rare Delight of You is just what the title suggests—a unique collaboration that satisfies from the first note to the last.

Album Performers
John Pizzarelli – vocals, guitar
George Shearing – piano
Ted Piltzecker — vibraphone
Reg Schwager — guitar
Neil Swainson — bass
Dennis Mackrel — drums

Music Selections
1. If Dreams Come True
2. The Lady’s In Love with You
3. Everything Happens to Me
4. Lulu’s Back in Town
5. Something To Remember You By
6. Lemon Twist
7. Lost April
8. Problem
9. The Rare Delight of You
10. Shine on Your Shoes
11. Indian Summer
12. Be Careful It’s My Heart
13. September in the Rain
14. I Predict (2001)
15. Lucky To Be Me

Some Early Reviews

“Pizzarelli’s light, conversational tenor is one of the most amiable sounds in the jazz vocal field.” — Los Angeles Times

“…an engaging collaboration…” — New York Times

“The two combine to form a superb sound—classy and modern.” — Boston Herald

“Two generations of sophisticated jazz mastery come together…” — Elle

“Pizzarelli has an upper-range tenor that can handle the upbeat bop swing, the bittersweet wistfulness and the range of emotional depth that singing jazz standards demands…(Shearing is) a master at underplaying, making his statements in sweet, melodic explorations that just will not be rushed for the sake of expediency.” — Daily Times (Farmington NM)

“If you’re a jazz or pop fan, you can’t go wrong with The Rare Delight of You.” — Times Herald Record

“The only thing missing here is your table at the Cafe Carlysle and the astronomical bill.” — Yellow Dog Jazz Report

“…a delightful album that is often warm spirited and inspiring.” — Hill Rag

“…a unique collaboration that satisfies from the first note to the last.” —

“Shearing’s no-frills piano lines and Pizzarelli’s bouncy guitar work are inspired and in-the-pocket.” — Amazon

“Their sensibilities mesh beautifully; both men are fanciers of good song, paragons of melodic improvisation, and veritable bastions of aesthetic taste when it comes to easy-swinging, mainstream jazz…low-key yet utterly winning project.” —

“Pizzarelli, young enough to be Shearing’s grandson, nonetheless is the best fit with Shearing’s arrangements since George worked with Mel Tormй in the 1980s.” — CDNow