JL Audio debuts Marine Speakers


JL Audio has announced that its latest Marine Series loudspeakers will be available in two options:Sport Grille: Newly, sharply designed grille pattern and interchangeable logo tags in different colors especially projected for sport-tilted boats. The Sport Grille is available in all-white and black/titanium color schemes..

Classic Grille:

Luxury furnished pattern boats conventionally fused slat grille design. It is available at immediate sale in titanium / black color compound.

M770-ETX-CG: 7.7-Inch

7.7-inch JL Audio loudspeakers provides sensational sound caliber by introducing coaxial arrangements. JL Audio assures an honest service for years. The speakers bear 100% fiberglass structure along with the traditional touch added for Aluminum decoration. The M770-ETX-CG offers quick re-motion and 360 degree revolution. Mounting fixtures are sold individually and adjustably planned so as to suit different pipe diameters.

M770-ETX-CG will ship soon with its uninterrupted power handling capacity of 100 W and an impedance of 4 ohm at figured price of $1100.

MX650-CCX will be with in your reach in April, 2008. It features nominal diameter of 6.5 in. (165 mm) along with 4 ohm impedance, 50 W of power handling and mounting depth of 2.7 in. (69 mm). It is priced at $279.95.