Jive Records Releases 4 Multichannel SACDs

Earlier this year, officials at Jive Records in Europe announced that they planned to release up to 10 new SACD albums during the year. Jive has started down that path with the release of 4 new Multichannel SACDs. This includes SACDs by Groove Armada, Kinobe, Hugh Masakela and Sita. All of these SACDs are Hybrid Multichannel SACDs which allows playback of these albums on both SACD and CD players. Here’s a quick rundown on these new Jive Multichannel SACDs:

Hello Country (Goodbye Nightclub)
by Groove Armada
(Jive UK SACD 9230498)

Groove Armada is a group formed in the mid ’90s in London. Tom Findlay and Andy Cato lead Groove Armada which became popular by blending live music, sampling, hip-hop sounds and reggae to create a number of dance hits.

Album Tracks
1. Suntoucher
2. Superstylin’
3. Drifted
4. Little By Little
5. Fogma
6. My Friend
7. Lazy Moon
8. Raisin’ The Stakes
9. Healing
10. Edge Hill
11. The Incredible Bongo Man
12. Join Hands

Verse Bridge Chorus?
by Kinobe
(Jive UK SACD 9230518)

Kinobe is a two man British group featuring Mark Blackburn and Julius Waters that was formed in 1998. “Verse Bridge Chorus?” is the follow-up album to their popular debut album “Sound Philes”. It features a variety of musical styles including acoustic, rock and rap.

Album Tracks
Track Listing
1. Butterfly
2. Having A Moment
3. Secret Garden
4. Summer In The Studio
5. Mama’s Girl
6. G Had
7. Slave One
8. Minus 4
9. G Spot
10. Woodsman Versus The Wolf
11. Neon Tetra
12. Unfair Weather

Liberation: The Best of Hugh Masakela
by Hugh Masakela
(Jive UK SACD 9222868)

Hugh Masakela is a trumpeter best known for his hit “Grazin’ In The Grass”. This Multichannel SACD is a collection of some of his most popular hits including “Don’t Lose It Baby”, “Coal Train (Stimela)”, “Politician” and a new version of “Grazin’ In The Grass.”

Album Tracks
1. Don’t Go Lose it Baby
2. African Breeze
3. The Rainmaker
4. It’s Raining
5. Run No More
6. Grazing in the Grass
7. Lady
8. Politician
9. The Joke of a Life
10. Ritual Dancer
11. Coal Train

by Sita
(Jive UK SACD 9241628)

Sita is a former member of Dutch pop sensation K-Otic, one of the biggest new acts in Europe last year. After deciding to go solo, 21-year-old Sita teamed up with two of Sweden’s best known writer/producers: Douglas Carr and Ulric Johansson – the Stockholm-based team whose international chart repertoire includes hits by Meja, Ace of Base and The Corrs. The result is Happy, a pop/rock crossover album. The title track, ‘Happy’, has already topped the singles chart in Holland.

Album Tracks
1. Happy
2. Jerk
3. Selfish
4. Hello
5. Everything
6. The World Goes Round
7. I Surrender
8. Twisted
9. You Make Me Feel (Like Myself)
10. Backseat
11. Strong Winds
12. Whenever

The SACDs by Groove Armada and Kinobe are available from the Pinnacle Entertainment web site in the U.K and the SACD by Hugh Masakela is available from the Red Trumpet web site. In addition, all 4 SACDs are available in Europe and on the Super Audio CD Shop web site in Austria located at http://www.superaudio-cd.com/.