JBL Reference 420 Headphones


Audio fanatics welcome the latest JBL Reference 420 Headphones designed to offer top-rated comfort, and high-quality audio reproduction for the ultimate in music-listening pleasure. The headphones are light in weight and are extremely ideal for globe-trotters. Weighing just 170g the JBL Reference 420 deliver crisp sound and are sturdy enough to withstand the hazards (vibrations, getting dropped) one faces while traveling.

The ear pads and headbands of these headphones are made from genuine leather so one can wear them for longer1 durations with ease. The package contains accessories including jack adapters, carry cases, airline adapters, batteries and chargers. Connect them to desktop computers and laptops, iPod, MP3 players, and other portable audio devices to enjoy crystal-clear frequency response and distortion-free bass.

Via: Businesswire