JBL ES150PW Wireless Subwoofer

A subwoofer can normally do the trick if you want some attitude in your home theater setup. Subwoofers are known to add more bass and power towards you listening and viewing pleasure but nothing beats the brand that has become familiar in the audio world.

Further, the JBL ES150PW is wireless thus eliminating the problem of entangled wires that provide a messy feel. The ES150PW can be placed here, or here, or here or even over there — no wires attached — up to 70 feet from a transmitter module that is, in fact, wired to a home-theater receiver’s subwoofer connection. The signals travel in the 2.4-gigahertz radio frequency range, a popular pathway for cordless phones and home networks.

Both the sub and the transmitter have a tiny, pivoting antenna. The ES150PW ($599 list, less than $375 online) otherwise is a knockoff of JBL’s wired ES150P ($499 list, $250 online). A subwoofer, in an ideal installation, is frequently placed near, or behind, one of the home theater’s front speakers. Don’t waste money on a wireless subwoofer if you can fit a less expensive, wired version in one of those spots, with easy access to the receiver.

(Source) Courant