JBL CS480BG 6 Piece Home Theater System

Already a known and popular brand in the world of delivering audio for any niche, JBL comes out with this great high-performance home theater system. The JBL CS480BG home theater system is made up of 6 components, namely:

  • Four identical satellites
  • Matching horizontal center speaker
  • Powerful 125-watt subwoofer

The satellites speakers feature JBL’s advanced titanium-laminate dome tweeters and 3-1/2″ drivers for unsurpassed power and realism. The voice-matched center channel speaker uses components that are identical to those used in the satellites for seamless pans, with two midranges for extra power and clarity in the dialogue channel.

This setup is ideal for people who have been relying heavily on the JBL brand and have been witness to the fine sound delivery it has given through the years.

Price: $799.00

(Source) Amazon