JBL AE Compact loudspeaker

JBL Professional in the recent InfoComm 2008 launched eight new compact AE Series loudspeaker models. Specially designed to provide you undistorted sound for natural music and intelligible speech, this series of speakers had good reason to attract buyers towards it in the exhibition.

Jon Sager, Director of Market Development, Installed Sound, JBL Professional, said, "The demand for loudspeaker systems that provide added flexibility and even greater sonic clarity continues to grow with the evolution of the systems integration industry. The new AE Compact loudspeaker series addresses these demands, enabling sound designers and installers to best meet the needs of any given environment, including performing arts venues, houses of worship, sports facilities, corporate board rooms and dance clubs."

JBL Compact loudspeaker features distinctive technologies and specifications based on the differences among them. All these speakers consists of a single or dual woofers, including 5.25-inch, 6.5-inch, and eight-inch transducers. Out of the eight, two models namely AC15 and AC25 includes a one-inch dome tweeter. The rest of the models contain one-inch exit compression drivers.

Model AC25, AC26 and AC28 allows low frequency transducers to be independently controlled for magnitude and phase response. This has been possible because of JBL’s Filtered Array Technology which results in smoother power response and constant coverage. All these eight models of the JBL AE Compact loudspeaker are beautifully designed and are complete in itself which one can realize only after and using once.

Via: InfoComm