Jawbone(R) Bluetooth Headset

.Aliph, a leading developer of mobile audio products recently announced that it’s Jawbone® Bluetooth headset will be sold along with the iPhone in all Apple Stores and at Apple.com. Jawbone is a revolutionary Bluetooth headset from Aliph that integrates the latest innovations in audio processing and product design and provide the end users with world-class incoming and outgoing voice clarity. In this headset using an advanced, military-grade system called Noise Shield; background noise is eliminated and also speaker volumes are automatically adjusted throughout the call, which results in uninterrupted and clearer conversations, in extreme environments. The combination of iPhone and Jawbone will revolutionize mobile interactions by allowing consumers to truly talk, work, and play anywhere. Jawbone was recently ranked as one of PC World’s “100 Best Products of 2007”, in addition to being CNET’s highest rated Bluetooth headset ever and a fixture on CNET’s Top 5 Most Wanted Products list in 2007. So, now the users don’t need to have a second thought before buying it. Come June 29th and Jawbone will be available for $119.99 at all 157 Apple Stores in three trendy colors – silver, red and black.

Via: Businesswire