Jamo R 907 Loudspeaker Announced


Make your house a discotheque, a large auditorium or a cinema hall. Jamo R 907 Loudspeakers will help you in all rocking endeavors. The melodious sound quality and its latest technology may be on the lines of the high-end Jamo R 909 speakers, but its price is not.

The R 907 speakers are a smaller and affordable option as compared to the ancestral R 909 speakers.Keeping speakers is one big hassle but, Jamo has consciously designed them in a special way to suit small and scanty places.

The sleek and slender speakers support dipolar engineering alongside a host of stunning features to deliver high-fidelity sound reproduction. Unlike its competitors, the Jamo R 907 uses electrodynamic speakers to offer you the inimitable life-like experience.

The slim and slender speaker set adorns you living room with its flamboyant design, spirited colors and boisterous sound quality. They catch your attention with their glossy red and bold black finish. And its open design enables you to catch a look of its infallible components. Look forward to the Jamo R 907 set for pristine sound quality and great results.