Jacintha Goes to Hollywood Released in SACD

After a 3 year absence from the recording studio, Jacintha returns with a new album titled Jacintha Goes to Hollywood. Prior to its release to music stores later this year, Groove Note Records made the new album available this week as a Hybrid Stereo Super Audio CD.

On the new release, the singer from Singapore performs 9 classic songs from the movies with help from a group of Jazz all stars and arrangements by guitarist Anthony Wilson and pianist Iskandar Ismail. (Wilson is well known for his excellent SACD releases on Groove Note as well as his work backing singer Diana Krall).

A Three Year Wait
Groove Note acknowledges the interest in the latest album by the singer saying that

“Years in the making and with a cast of thousands and a budget in the millions, this has been an epic effort! OK, seriously, the effort was certainly epic and, after a gap of almost three years since her last Groove Note SACD release (Jacintha: The Girl From Bossa Nova – Groove Note GRV 1026-3), we believe the wait has been well worth it and her fans and many many others will enjoy this new album tremendously.

Jacintha Goes To Hollywood sees the sensual and seductive-voiced chanteuse take on the challenge of performing theme songs and other well known movie related tunes. The program features an eclectic mix of musical material, from the almost over familiar “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” and “California Dreaming” to “On Days Like These” from the original British version of The Italian Job. Her almost solemn and low key performance of “California Dreaming” will completely blow you away as will her thrillingly dynamic and bossa tinged take on “The Windmills Of Your Mind.” Add in a few other classics like “Alfie,” “Que Sera Sera” plus a fabulous light 60s-ish version of “A Man & A Woman” (with electric piano and bongos) and voila! – you have the makings of another Jacintha classic. This release represents some of Jacintha’s finest work for Groove Note and will be a sure hit with her fans and anyone who enjoys audiophile quality female vocals.”

Album Production Details
As with past Jacintha albums, this one is produced by Joe Harley and Groove Note owner Ying Tan and engineered by Mike Ross. It was recorded in “all analog” at 15 ips using two inch 24 track masters. The master tapes were mixed to 1/2 inch 30 ips Stereo by Joe Harley and Mike Ross at Sunset Sound in Hollywood.

These analog master tapes were transferred from analog to Direct Stream Digital (DSD) by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering in Boulder, Colorado. The Hybrid Super Audio CD was made by Sonopress on their Hybrid SACD replication line in Germany.

A Listening Treat: Is It Live or Super Audio CD?
When you pick up a Super Audio CD that was recorded by Joe Harley, Mike Ross and Ying Tan and mastered by Dave Glasser, the odds are pretty high that the music will be superbly recorded. That’s certainly the case here. Jacintha’s crystal clear vocals are wonderfully captured on this Stereo Super Audio CD along with the excellent playing of the Jazz stars on this album. The music is thoroughly enjoyable and the arrangements by Anthony Wilson and Iskandar Ismail are very creative. Highlights included The Windmills of Your Mind (with Organ, Guitar and Trumpet), A Man and A Woman (with Electric Piano, Bongos and Vibes) and Que Sera Sera (with Accordion and Guitar).

I also have to mention the very high quality of the music on the Super Audio CD layer of this album. Played back through the excellent EMM Labs Meitner CDSD/se Disc Player and DAC6e/se 6 Channel Multichannel Digital Converter, it was hard to believe at times that I was listening to a disc rather than a live performance! Now that is the mark of a well done audiophile Super Audio CD release in my book.

Album Musicians

  • Jacintha – Vocals
  • Iskandar Ismail – Piano
  • Larry Goldings – Hammond B3, Piano & Accordion
  • Darek Oles – Bass
  • Joe LaBarbera – Drums
  • Anthony Wilson – Guitar
  • Ron Stout – Trumpet
  • Ricky Woodard – Saxophone
  • Aaron Serfaty – Percussion
  • John Campbell – Vibraphone
  • Howlett Smith – Whistler

Album Tracks

  1. On Days Like These
  2. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
  3. Alfie
  4. Windmills Of Your Mind
  5. California Dreaming
  6. A Man And A Woman
  7. Easy Living
  8. Que Sera Sera
  9. The Summer Knows

Earlier Super Audio CDs by Jacintha
If you want to hear more music by Jacintha, she’s recorded several earlier albums which have appeared in Super Audio CD on the Groove Note and Harmony record labels. Here’s the list of her SACD catalog to date:

Surround Sound Super Audio CDs

  • Lush Life – Jacintha (Groove Note GRV 1011-3)
  • Jacintha Is Her Name: Dedicated to Julie London – Jacintha (Groove Note GRV 1014-3)
  • Girl From Bossa Nova – Jacintha (Groove Note GRV 1026-3)
  • Love Flows Like A River – Jacintha (Harmony HR 1001-3) (Sung in Cantonese)

    Stereo Super Audio CDs

  • Here’s to Ben – Jacintha (Groove Note GRV 1001-3)
  • Autumn Leaves – Jacintha (Groove Note GRV 1006-3)

Jacintha Goes to Hollywood on Stereo Super Audio CD is now available on audiophile web sites that carry SACDs including Acoustic Sounds, Elusive Disc, Music Direct and Audiophile Resources. The album is also available as a Vinyl LP for $34.99 – a $10 premium over the Super Audio CD’s list price, reflecting the higher prices that Vinyl LPs garner these days over both SACD and CD discs. Jacintha Goes to Hollywood will be available at music stores and additional web sites later this year.