iScan VP50PRO

The DVDO iScan VP50PRO is the first video processor to be HDMI 1.3 enabled. The iScan VP50PRO is a broadcast caliber high-definition video processor that converts standard definition, high definition and PC signals from your Blu-ray Disc player, PC, DVD player, HD-DVD player, HD DVR, set-top box or game console to any output resolution between VGA and 1080p, including popular HDTV resolutions such as 720p and 1080i.

The VP50PRO integrates Anchor Bay’s VRS technologies such as Precision Video Scaling II and Precision Deinterlacing in addition to their new Mosquito Noise Reduction, Fine Detail and Edge Enhancement algorithms which improve the quality of low-resolution and highly compressed content. The VP50PRO acts as a complete A/V hub, providing SD/HD video processing with total picture control, as well as audio/video switching that simultaneously does away with A/V lipsync and allows a one wire connection to reveal for all of your video sources.