Iriver Clix2 4GB 8GB Digital Audio Player-Say Wow

After the successful launch of 2GB Audio player, Iriver expanded its lineage of Clix2 Audio Players with greater memory capacities of 4GB and 8GB. This Japanese company recently unveiled its long awaited multi-function type portable audio player Clix2 equipped with AM OLED (active matrix type organic EL). Clix2 4GB records approximately 960 tunes, approximately 72 hours music recording (128Kbps) and approximately 288 hours voice recording(32Kbps) whereas Clix2 8GB features music file recording of approximately 1920 tunes, music recording 128Kbps) approximately 144 hours and voice recording (32Kbps) of approximately 576 hours. Because of the popularity of the product the company has announced that it people can reserve their Iriver Clix2 from July 25th at iriver e store iriver zone. From August 10th (gold) the company will commence the sale of its [4GB/8GB] RED LINE of new color (the lead line). The models are in limited edition. So you should hurry up before it gets late.

Via: Iriver