IOGEAR GUWAKIT2 Wireless HD Computer to TV Kit announced at CES 2011

I had a chance to visit with IOGEAR last night at Pepcom, and I got to see several of their products like the IOGEAR GKM571R HTPC Keyboard, the IOGEAR GKM581 HTPC full-sized keyboard, and this Wireless HD Computer to TV kit that we may have touched on before.

It is designed to deliver High Definition video of up to 720p from a PC or Mac computer to a connected display device, using the latest Ultra-WideBand UWB wireless USB technology from up to 30 feet away.

It should have 32-bit True Color depth for terrific images, and will enable the user to enjoy their favorite movies, photos, video clips, music, as well as live chat. It also eliminates the terrible clutter of cables.

It is available now for a price of $179.95.