InvenSense Introduces First Dual-Axis MEMS Gyroscopes

For the people who want to experience the most in 3D imaging, here is a new chip launched in the market by InvenSense. Invensense today announced the availability of the IXZ-500 and IXZ-650 dual-axis MEMS gyroscopes designed specifically for 3D remote controls and PC mice supporting TVs, home theaters, set top boxes and personal computers.

The IXZ family of dual axis MEMS gyros represents the world’s first and only single-chip integrated pitch and yaw (X- and Z-axis) motion processing products that meet the in-plane mounting requirements for both traditional as well as new generations of slim profile remote controls. Designed for audio/video (A/V) remote controls with 3D pointing functionality, the IXZ-500 features a primary output with a full scale range of up to ±500°/second with a ±110°/second internal secondary gain stage output to track slower motions for precise cursor pointing applications.

The IXZ-650 targets digital TV and IPTV remote controls with its ±2,000°/second primary output to track the widest dynamic range of physical motions and a ±440°/second internal secondary gain stage output for on-screen pointing applications.

The IXZ-500 and IXZ-650 MEMS gyroscopes are sampling now.

(Source) Press