Internet V/S TV Viewing

If you think that the popularity of the internet and other mechanically advanced forms of entertainment have become worthless, spend your time watching TV. It is a true way to gain entertainment without any hassle.

Now the Americans like to spend their 127 hours and 15 minutes in watching TV per month while they use only 24 hours and 16 minutes a month to 26 hours and 26 minutes a month and that is only 9%. This way we’re not changing our diets at the entertainment rock, still just want to change the way of entertainment.

Amongst conventional TV watchers, the people aged 65 and older watched the most, while the persons aged 35 to 44 year old age bracket took the encrust for internet use. Though it stirs represents only a tiny fraction of total TV watched, total hours spent watched DVRed TV rocketed up 56% from last year. The youth aged 18 to 24 like watching videos on internet and living up to the “You Tube generation” autograph.

Via: Digitaltrends