Intel will launch movie service with 1080p streaming, and WiDi 2.0

In addition to the Sandy Bridge or Core 2011 processors at CES, Intel is planning on launching its own movie and video service sometime in the first quarter of 2011. Not as new as what Netflix does, but it might hit before Kmart and Sears Alphaline.

So, if you have a Core 2011-powered laptop or desktop, you should be able to purchase or rent the latest movies in full HD. There would be some interesting things occurring if this is true, as a lot of studios are having trouble with HD video distribution.

According to my Source, Intel has already in talks with CinemaNow and Warner Brothers about getting stuff happening, but it will probably be a while before we hear anything.

It might happen with “WiDi 2.0″, and it should turn the desktop into an HD monitor. That would also be some news, and I’m sure that we’ll probably learn more at the CES 2011.