Integra DTR-30.2 and DTR-20.2 THX-Select 2 Plus AV Receivers

Integra DTR-30.2 THX-Select 2 Plus AV Receivers The newly introduced Integra DTR-30.2 and DTR-20.2 3D video ready Select 2 Plus certified home theater receivers will let home theater owners enjoy complete advantage of all the available dimensions of sound and video. Both the receivers use the latest HDMI 1.4a A/V interface that lets them pass 3D video signals from a player to a 3D video display.

The Integra DTR-30.2 delivers 100-watts to each of seven loudspeakers that can be arranged for a variety of different surround modes. The DTR-20.2 has five power amplifier channels rated at 90 watts each and is perfect for those with limited speaker needs. Some outstanding features of the receivers include Faroudja DCDi Cinema for video upscaling up to 1080p, PLL jitter-cleaning technology and Wide Range Amplifier Technology with three-stage inverted Darlington circuits. The receivers also include Audyssey 2EQ automatic room correction and Audyssey’s Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ processing.

Both the Integra DTR-30.2 and DTR-20.2 are now available at MSRP of $800 and $600, respectively.