Integra DTA-70.1 THX-Ultra2 Multichannel Power Amplifier

Shipping of Integra’s first high-performance and powerful nine-channel theatre power amplifier, the DTA-70.1 has begun. Awarded with top level THX Ultra2 certification, the amplifier is capable of driving all your speakers in a modern nine-channel home theater system to complete THX output levels.

Designed to accompany the Integra DHC-80.1 9.2-channel AV processor for theater systems, the Integra DTA-70.1 is an all-analog discrete-component power amplifier. It comes with balance line inputs and a massive toroidal power transformer with dual 22,000 µF capacitors. The chassis of the amplifier is made of thick aluminum front panel, offering maximum rigidity and resistance to resonances. For high current capability and low impedance, the circuit boards employ thick 70µm copper foil. To eliminate grounding issues, heavy copper bus plates has been used. The back of the amplifier comes complete with RCA inputs, speaker outputs, binding posts and a 12-volt trigger input.

The Integra DTA-70.1 amplifier is available at SRP of $1,800.