Inspan Mercury LCD TV Boxes

Two new TV tuner boxes have been unveiled by Inspan Infotech, the Mercury EZ View LCD TV Box and Mercury EZ View USB TV Box. These new TV tuner boxes allows anyone to watch TV programming directly on computer monitors, without using the PC. You can also connect a gaming console or other A/V device and speakers for use as a Hi-Fi center.

Mercury EZ View LCD TV Box turns your LCD, CRT monitor, plasma display or projector, any device that has a VGA input connector devices into a multimedia center with small desktop space. With a built-in TV tuner and multiple video ports, you can connect DVD players, digital video cameras, VCRs or even game consoles to your PC. It comes with Picture-in-Picture facility and the hardware includes a remote control.

Mercury EZ View LCD TV Box comes with one year warranty for Rs. 2,500 and is available in the markets currently.

(Source) Techtree