Insignia NSP501Q10A Television Review-Good Value

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to come into contact with very many Insignia plasma televisions, so the chance to take a look at the Insignia NSP501Q10A was a great opportunity indeed.

The Insignia NSP501Q10A is a fifty inch 1080p plasma television with a 3D y/c digital comb filter, two ten watt speakers with SRS TruSurround,  two HDMI inputs, one composite input, two component inputs, one RF input and one digital audio output.

Admittedly, you’re thinking that this sounds kind of bare bones, and you’d be exactly right.  It’s a bit short on inputs and outputs and suchlike, not that there aren’t enough here to handle most any configuration you want (in all honesty, folks, two HDMI inputs really is enough for a minimalist approach, which allows you to hook up one media device and one speaker array.  If you want more HDMI options than that that’s why they make receivers.).  And two ten watt speakers won’t exactly blow you out of the room.

But bear in mind that this is a big screen plasma television, and the retail price on this one is only seven hundred bucks.  Yes, a fifty inch plasma for under a grand.  And the sound quality and picture quality are in good shape here.

If you’re looking to upgrade, and you’ve got an eye to value, then you may do well to get your hands on an Insignia NSP501Q10A.