Insignia NSL37Q10A Television Review-Great Except For the Picture

Insignia hasn’t exactly had a whole lot of luck with me.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t yet seen a whole lot of Insignia models running around–but the key thing here is, they’re not all that great.

Today we’re talking about the Insignia NSL37Q10A, a thirty seven inch 1080p television with two composite inputs, two S-video slots, two component video ports, four HDMI jacks, one PC input and one RF input.  Plus, it has attached twelve watt speakers and V-chip controls.

I’ll admit right off that the controls on this one were plenty easy to use and easily labeled, plus the sound quality was really nice.  The problem I had here was in the picture display, where it got really grainy close up, and with artifacts in the playback beside, which isn’t something you expect to see from a 1080p television.

And considering that this sucker retails for six hundred bucks, you’d think they could do a bit better than a grainy pic with good sound.  But that’s all you can say for the Insignia NSL37Q10A.