Insignia NSL32Q0910A Television Review-Fair Television, Great Price

Bargains, folks!  Bargains are the order of the day, especially THESE days, when everyone’s watching their pennies like a teenage boy watching the neighbor girl’s window.  No, not with a set of binoculars–I mean closely!

Thus, today I’m giving all our wallets a little lift by pointing out a good TV (not a fantastic one, but good) at a terrific price, just in case yours should be going on the blink and require replacing–today I’m talking about the Insignia NSL32Q0910A.

The Insignia NSL32Q0910A is a thirty two inch 720p LCD television with two composite video ports, one S-video port, two component video ports, four HDMI ports, one PC input, one RF jack, and one digital audio output.  It also boasts a two year warranty on parts and labor should you buy yours through Best Buy, and it also has a pair of eight watt onboard speakers.

Now, admittedly, that’s not much.  The sound quality is somewhat diminished due to the low wattage and size of the speakers–eight watts doesn’t mean a whole lot–but the picture is fairly decent, and if you hook this up to even the lowest end home theater in a box kit you’ll get way more power out of the set.

The price helps significantly–this retails for three hundred and fifty bucks, once again from the folks at Best Buy.  So when you add together the fact that this is a fairly decent television at a very good price, you’ll discover that you could do a whole lot worse than the Insignia NSL32Q0910A.