Infocus Work Big IN36C Projector

For an impressive presentation and a successful demonstration, InFocus has recently manufactured Work Big IN36C Projector. It has been especially designed for the conference room demonstrations. This excellent projector is supported with the RGB color conditioning function and a high contrast gradient. To make your exhibition even more effective, the IN36C Projector comes with the digit keystoning correction and easy to operate buttons. Thereby, making your task even easier, no mesh, no cleaning required.

This flagship product of InFocus is compatible with almost all the conference room equipment. It works well with the maximum number of connection modes, such as serial contact surface connection, many computer turning on and S video frequency post. So, guys stop worrying about the fate of your conferences, as the new IN36C Projector would not let you down in any situation.

What else? Work Big IN36C Projector is compact, durable and can be carried to almost all places on the earth. Carry this sleek projector and rush from one conference site to another. Available at a reasonable price, the IN36C Projector gives its users brilliant bright picture sufficient for almost all demonstrations. Also, the work noise does not surpass 35dBA, which causes the audience to listen attentively to your explanation.

Via: InFocus