InFocus Launches Beta Program for Projectors with Whiteboard Capability

Visual aids that are done with the use of projectors is quite common these days and for companies like InFocus, the need to be a step ahead with features is a need. The illumination and lumens are important but so are added features such as providing real time interactivity to which the audience can have a better and detailed way of understanding presentations made.

According to Jim Hirsch, associate superintendent for Academic and Technology Service at the Plano Independent School District, “The technologies that are most quickly adopted in classrooms are those that allow students to participate and collaborate. InFocus’ interactive projector will be beneficial to both the teachers and students — making everyday learning engaging and fun.”

InFocus’ interactive projector will be generally available at the end of 2009. Additional information on InFocus’ beta program and its partner network will be announced in the coming months.

(Source) Press