InFocus Launches 9 New Projectors with DisplayLink Technology

Infocus IN5500Recognizing the need to supply the proper projectors for various means, Infocus Corporation introduces nine new interactive and professional projectors to the market to satisfy the various needs. While they may be different in a lot of things, there is one feature that is common for these new projectors. This feature is the the easy-to-use USB graphics connection technology from DisplayLink Corp.

Thanks to DisplayLink’s certified embedded technology, people can quickly project videos, presentations, lesson plans or pictures with the simple snap of a USB connection between the projector and their PC. The ability to “connect and project” means no stress and no cables-and-wires mess for teachers, business executives, meeting planners, AV experts and other busy professionals.

The new Infocus projector models are as follows:

  • InFocus LiteBoard IN3902LB
  • InFocus IN3904LB Interactive Projector Systems
  • InFocus IN5300 Series
  • InFocus IN5500 Series
  • InFocus IN3108 ($1,999)

(Source) Press