Infinity TSS-800CHR 6-Piece Home Theater Speakers on sale at Amazon

After reporting on that Logitech Z906 Speaker System, I thought I would report on one that is slightly cheaper, but really is more expensive.

This is the speaker system from Infinity known as the TSS-800CHR, and it comes with a center channel speaker and also has a second 3.5 inch mid-range driver. It also has a 150 watt subwoofer.

Another feature is a scanning laser vibrometer, which is good for pin-pointing the location for internal bracing on the system, and makes certain that the aluminum enclosures are rigid and don’t vibrate or resonate.

Normally, this product will run you about $799.99, but today is is going for $249.99 on Amazon. Yes, it is the Amazon deal of the day, and the day is running out. Hopefully, I haven’t reported on this too late in the day. It isn’t every day that you see a $500 savings on something that costs as much as it does.