In-Car DVD-Audio a Popular Optional Extra

DVD-Audio is an important optional extra when buying a new car, reveals a Yahoo! Autos survey, as are leather seats, a GPS system and voice activated controls. However, most consumers consider cup holders and mirrored visors more influential factors in those ‘make or break’ decisions.

More than 50% of the 2,137 U.S. adult consumers poll, conducted by Harris Interactive between May 14th and 16th 2003, said that they wouldn’t even consider buying a new car that didn’t have cup holders. 33% of people considered a mirrored visor a ‘must have’ (35% of women).

When it came to optional features, GPS navigation systems were the top choice with 20% of those polled saying that they would spend beyond their allocated budget on such a system. Leather seats were the most desirable option with 18% of people while a DVD-Audio installation would be the choice of 12% and voice activated controls the selection of 11%. Not unsurprisingly, it was the male participants who saw the most value in the above, 70% of women over the age of fifty-five who were polled said none of them were worth the extra cost.

Ramy Mora, senior marketing manager for Yahoo! Autos: “The Yahoo! Autos survey results supports the thinking that commuting with a cup of coffee in the morning is the standard American driving experience today. We also found it interesting that consumers are willing to go over budget to have the coolest car gadgets on the block.

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