iLive IT209B Sound Bar Review-Low End of the Spectrum

So, okay, the sound bar market isn’t all about high priced wonders.  Sometimes you get some lower end stuff in there too, and that’s why today we’re going to talk about the iLive IT209B.

The iLive IT209B is a 3.1 channel virtual surround system with a built in subwoofer, an iPod dock that will both play and charge, S-video and composite video outputs, two RCA AV inputs, a 3.5 line-in jack (to hook up an MP3 device that doesn’t necessarily work with the dock), a subwoofer output jack, SRS TruSurround, remote control, wall mount kit and a digital clock with sleep timer.

This isn’t a bad array of features, necessarily, though it isn’t exactly as robust as some of the other models we’ve discussed here so far.  Further, the sound quality on the iLive IT209B isn’t as high as the others, either.  Where the Samsung and Sony models we discussed earlier sound full and robust, the iLive sounds tinny and weak by comparison.

But considering that the iLive costs a third of some other models–just a hundred and twenty bucks!–you may be willing to put up with a loss of quality in order to save some serious cash.

Then again, for not much more than a hundred and twenty bucks you could actually look at a full-on theater in a box setup.  Thus, the iLive IT209B is a nice system if you’re living in a tight space and don’t mind a reduction in quality to save some cash.