Ilit creative motion diamond stereo system



These ultra pretty speakers would make great gifts to young girls and suit those more interested in room décor than sound quality. They definitely do not have the hardcore audiophile and metal head look to them, but it’s nice to see a speaker designed for a different kind of consumer.


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Get Glowy with the iLit Diamond Speaker System From Creative Motion

These perfectly trendy stereo speakers perform an LED light show in sync with your music.

The iLit Diamond Stereo System from Creative Motion Industries not only looks pretty sitting on top of a shelf, it decorates your entire room as you turn on your tunes with an LED light show. With these new age stereo speakers, rooms are transformed into visual melodies— talk about a sensory overload!

Compatible with most electronics including iPods, the iLit Diamond speakers are designed to react in accordance to your music meaning that the colors they emit are in tune with the beats of what you are playing. At about $50 a pair, these lava lampesque speakers come in a variety of colors including blue and green or pink and purple, making them perfect for a little girl’s bedroom or those interested in sprucing up blasé entertainment centers with some color.

One downside to these trendy tuners is that they are not manufactured by a brand well-known in audio electronics, so their sound quality is not exactly suitable for audioholics; rather, they are best paired with people or youngsters more interested in good looks than sound. Creative Motion Industries’ products are also solely for retail trade, so ordinary consumers can pick up a pair by visiting online retailer sites like Amazonand Creative Motion Industries manufactures other cute speaker systems including a Twin Spin Stereo System and a Pink Purse Stereo System.

Technical Info:

Weight: 12 lbs.

Measurements: W: 3.74" H: 10.43" D:2.5"

Compatibility: iPod, PC/notebook, CD, MP3, radio, or gaming system

Features: LED light show, mirrored speakers, adjustable sensitivity and volume control.

Price: Approximately $50

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