iKey DT-810-TB Keyboard with Trackball


iKey, LTD recently launched industrial keyboard DT-810-TB model with an inbuilt 25mm mechanical trackball. It is the new version of DBL-810-TB model. This keyboard is waterproof and also possess ability to resist the reaction with corrosive materials.

“We chose to integrate the 25 millimeter trackball due to its proven durability and patented sealing technology,” said Dave Huddleston, Operations Manager at iKey. Measuring 14.8” width and 5.72” height, the keyboard made up of stainless steel case with industrial silicone rubber keypad is very rugged. Overall footprint is reduced, thanks to the compact size.

Just above the trackball, there are right and left click buttons on the keyboard and a programmable third button. The 25mm trackball keyboard can operate successfully at a temperature range of -0C to +65C. Though the iKey, LTD has not disclosed anything on the pricing front but it will surely give a new dimension to computing.

Via: Press