IFA 2003: Denon Unveil High-End Audio/Video Prototypes [HFR]

IFA 2003: Denon unveiled a range of high-end prototype A/V equipment at the recent IFA expo in Berlin. The products are due for introduction sometime in the spring of 2004, and, according to Denon’s PR representative Robert Follis, the line up is specifically designed to “…take on Lexicon, Krell, Meridian etc.,” in the high-end sector of the market – the system is expected to cost in excess of Ј25,000.

Denon claim that the new products will “…redefine high-end home Cinema sound and vision.” The as-yet unnamed series of components are a result of a three-year research and design program, which has coincided with the finalisation of technologies such as HDMI. The line-up introduces the market to the first products resulting from the Denon/Marantz merger, the plan being to position Denon as a technology leader.

The list of product features is patchy, but is said to include:

A universal DVD, DVD-Audio and SACD player, HDMI, HDCP, DVI, Firewire and Denon Link interfaces, progressive scan video capabilities with integral line quadrupling and video scaling, together with all of today’s recognised technologies (Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround EX, DTS, DTS ES etc).

The line-up is to include:

DVD-1 – Universal Disc Transport
AVP-1 – Digital Audio Processor and Control Unit
AVP-1 – Digital Video Processor
POA-1 – 7-channel Pure Digital amplifier

The photograph below, supplied by Robert, shows the prototype units on display in Berlin.