Contemporary Research has recently launched an incorporated display regulator and universal HDTV/NTSC/QAM tuner the “ICC2-ATSC”. The device networks with system software all the way through the same RF coax that carries the TV channels. This allows Sign Stream HDTV digital signage and display control systems to utilize Ethernet-driven solutions facility-wide without any requirement of additional wiring or network bandwidth.

Simultaneously featuring HDMI, RGB/Component and composite video outputs, the ICC2-ATSC offers high-definition video to flat-panel monitors and video projectors. An internal, updatable library of control protocols enables RS-232 control for most models of displays and projectors.

The ICC2-ATSC provides 2-way RF control and status information, and an onboard or external IR sensor which can obtain interactive instructions from an optional wireless IR remote. Always in pursuit of excellence Contemporary Research designs and creates solutions for an HDTV world, offering cutting-edge products for the users.

CR Tech Sales Director Jim Avetta states, “While many of our distributed signage and display control systems include displays with built-in HDTV tuners, some sites prefer commercial-grade displays or video projectors, which rarely include HD tuners. The ICC2-ATSC makes that choice possible.”

Via: Virtual Press Office