I-O data STB AV-LS500L and AV-LS500UL

I-O Data updated its STB Models AV-LS500L and AV-LS500UL with the use of Sigma Design’s media processors SMP8634LF. The merger offers amazing high-definition home entertainment experiences to users. The high definition audio and video signals are decoded by TV Connected PCs into playable formats.

Yoshihisa Hirano, GM of development department at I-O DATA said "Sigma’s SMP8634LF was exactly what we had been hoping for. The decoding power and other capabilities the chip demonstrates are simply impressive, which is why Sigma has remained our first choice as a hardware vendor."

You can now avail Video-on-Demand GyaO services and enjoy the programs on bigger screen TVs without any distortion. Both AV-LS500UL and AV-LS500L operate on Windows(R) Embedded CE and VC-1, WMV9 and H.264 formats. The audio formats supported are MP3, MP2, WMA9 Pro and WMA9.

The Marlin DRM technology and DRM support makes it stand out in the industry. Though the price for both the STB models has not been disclosed yet by the organization, but it will surely enhance your entertainment experience.

Via: Press