Human-Rh digiframe With AMOLED panel

Here is a good news in the digital photo frame market. Now, the famous Human-Rh digiframe comes packed with AMOLED panel and mobile TV tuner. Yes, this is a news for which many people waited for so long. Human-Rh has finally showcased some new frames with great panel quality.

Featuring a 7.6-inch HDPF-760D mobile TV, the new Human-Rh digiframe with AMPLED Panel comes packed with innovative features. It also incorporates an 8-inch HDPF-800D that sticks with the traditional LCD and is also available with a variety of tuners like CMMB, DVB-T, 1-seg and T-DMB.

The new Human-Rh digframe also incorporates a large 2GB integrated memory. Apart from this, there is a multi-card slot and a USB port with this frame. This is not all, it comes with an in-built Wi-Fi to enable displaying information from internet-connected widgets.

Via: Engadget