Hulus Master Plan-To Be Everywhere Your Mobile Device Of Choice Is

It’s sort of obvious in retrospect, especially from a company that so clearly depends on mobile technology, that Hulu’s master plan is to be everywhere you want to be and on whatever mobile device you prefer to use, but that was the plan as stated by Hulu CEO Jason Kilar.  Kilar said:

“The computer in your pocket is very important. Mobile is a monster – we are very bullish. We will embrace any device.”

Apparently, “any device” doesn’t include the iPhone or iPod, which has been rumored to get a Hulu app since half past forever.  Though the problem here may not be so much a lack of interest in the Apple devices so much as it is a desire for a sweeping, simultaneous release.  Kilar again:

“We are very big believers in mobile and we don’t think about (just) one device only.”

So it’s entirely possible that Hulu wants to clear the waterfront and do it all all at once, rather than piecemeal their way by releasing one app here and one app there.  Hopefully this is the case, otherwise they’re going to have a hard road ahead taking down YouTube.