Hulu Plus coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook?

Every time I watch a video on Hulu, I always see them hyping themselves about Hulu Plus and its capabilities, and how it is intending “more devices soon”.

I’m guessing that the video streaming and content company can put that disclaimer until the end of technology as we know it, and one such player that Hulu Plus could have access to is the new BlackBerry Playbook.

This is according to the Wall Street Journal, saying that RIM is definitely entering into talks with Hulu about this, as Hulu Plus users on the BlackBerry Playbook cannot access it at all, despite the ability of the device to run flash.

I suppose that the lack of Hulu Plus is only one on a laundry list of complaints that the BlackBerry Playbook is being bombarded with, such as the whole lack of native email client or a calendar app. I suppose that we’ll probably doing a post about how Hulu will be on Playbook after all.