Hulu Hits Over Forty Million Users, Eyes YouTubes Top Slot

Unequivocally, folks, the unquestioned ruler of the online video realm is YouTube.

But Hulu, that surprise little upstart, is making a play for the top slot, and they’ve got quite a case to back up their own bid for supremacy.

Hulu’s currently boasting over forty million users, and just recently cleared its one hundred billionth stream.  That, needless to say, is a LOT.  And the users come back regularly.  Just for comparison’s sake,   the Pro Bowl got a Nielsen-estimated twelve million viewers and change.  Hulu has forty million total users.  But do you think an ad on Hulu costs more or less than an ad on the Pro Bowl?  Hmm…I wonder.

Anyway, while YouTube is definitely top dog, if Hulu’s rate of expansion continues like this, it might well overtake YouTube at some point.  And when that day happens, well, all bets are off as far as online video goes.