Hulu Again Talking Subscription Fee-Comcast To Blame?

Yes, we’ve gone around with this concept before, but apparently, Hulu is considering charging fees for some of its content.

There are a couple different plans in the offing right now:

1. A one price all you can watch plan

2. A plan in which the five most recent episodes of a show are free to watch, but anything earlier than that would require a subscription

Hulu believes it would need about twenty series to make this a worthwhile venture for its potential customers, but somehow I find this all rather crass.  I mean, come on–sure, there are some licensing costs and whatnot involved, but surely Hulu’s advertising revenues are sufficient to cover most of the costs?  There’s a difference between need and greed.

However, most of this particular issue seems to be that Hulu’s working a bit too well–a surprising superabundance of people are using Hulu as a replacement for cable television.  And with that happening, places like Comcast are pushing places like Hulu to cut back on available content.

So that may have something to do with the Hulu limits.