presents 16×9 Seating Distance Calculator

htmart_seatingdistancecalc.gif, a leading supplier of home theater products and resources recently introduced a visual-based device to assist compute the best seating distance in a home theater or a media room. This was done subsequent to the encouraging feedback and achievement of their visual 16×9 Screen Size Calculator which had been launched earlier. The Company decided to produce their new16×9 Seating Distance Calculator this private tool will help clients decide the appropriate distance to place their seats, or rows of chairs, from their HDTV screen.

The HDTV 16×9 Seating Distance Calculator is trouble-free and easy to use one just need to input one of your screen dimensions and the device will estimate the outstanding dimensions while without human intervention drawing the screen size and chair positioning in both the top and side views. By adjusting the screen size and chair row spacing accordingly a person can straight away observe the affect these will have on formative the optimal seating setting. The Screen Size Calculator displays Distance calculations in feet and inches with optimum viewing angles between 26 – 36 degrees. has not given any word on the pricing of this device till now.