HP Dreamcolor LP2480zx LCD TV


HP in close association with Dreamworks Animation trotted out a new 24-inch LCD monitor, LP2480zx with LED backlight bundled in hordes of astonishing features. The 30-bit TFT LCD with LED backlight boasts of more than 1 billion color, 6 Built-in industry standard color spaces and HP DreamColor Engine, thereby offering you true color fidelity.

The trailblazer LP2480zx is the first of its kind LCD including 30-bit color accuracy, for until now LCDs were only equipped with 24-bit color accuracy displaying 16.7 million colors. Its native resolution is 1920 x 1200 pixels. The RGB LED backlight uses HP Tri-color LED Backlight that empowers you with the greater control over white point and luminance.

The latest model equips DisplayPort 1.1, HDMI 1.3, (2) DVI-I, analog, component, S-video, and composite inputs. The 27.5lb display doesn’t bear unique and stunning design; it looks very much similar to any other display in the market. The front panel includes six user-friendly buttons with light-up facility.

Making a big dent into the pockets of a regular user, it costs around 3,000,000 won. The LP2480zx LCD TV is highly recommended for those who fiddle with videos and photos. For a regular customer, it is too much a price to be paid for owning a LCD Tv.