HP DreamColor LP2480xz LCD Monitor


HP recently launched critical color display DreamColor LP2480xz LCD Monitor. Specifically designed for professionals for whom color management is essential, the monitor delivers consistent color accuracy and delivers accurate and true-to-life colors.

“With the new DreamColor display, HP has broken through barriers that have existed in display technology for the past decade,” said Ed Leonard, chief technology officer, DreamWorks Animation. “The new DreamColor display packs a list of significant advances into one amazingly powerful display, enabling an unprecedented level of color management and fidelity in our production process. It’s a digital filmmaker’s dream.”

The monitor displays more than 1 billion colors in 30-bit, LED-backlit display, thereby relieving you of the stress of color checks, multiple proofs and redesigns. Deeper reds, blues, greens, darker blacks and adjustable whites form the basis of this amazing display device.

Night vision interface and one button access to seven pre-sets makes it a versatile device. The monitor is a result of collaboration between Dream Works Animation and HP and is reasonably priced at $3,499.

Via: Press