HP Brings TouchSmart PC Within Reach for the Masses

HP has just announced its new HP TouchSmart PCs that will work with only just touching them. Now the users only need to touch the, tap or sweep a finger across the screen at the TouchSmart PC to avail information, entertainment and even social networks in an ordinary and spontaneous way.

This is really a wonderful PC, as the customers don’t require using the keyboard or the mouse to work. They can easily play games, music or movie, create playlists, crop, edit and even share pictures!

“The new TouchSmart PCs turn digital entertainment into a compelling, hands-on experience and can create a social media hub within a den, living room or home office,” said John Cook, vice president, Marketing, Worldwide Consumer PC Business, HP. “No other PC on the market offers this type of fun, engaging and simple touch experience or this level of interaction with digital media. The TouchSmart re-invents the personal computing experience for the home.”

Now the users can keep the entertainment on their fingers, for it they only need a power cord for set up, HP TouchSmart PC mingle a 22-inch diagonal, high-definition widescreen display with an influential, power proficient Intel Core™ 2 Duo Processor in a single and integrated design.

Now the customers can purchase the highly advanced HP TouchSmart PCs to work with just touching it that too without any help of keyboard or mouse.

Via: Press