HP and Arizona State University Demo Flexible, Unbreakable Displays

hp HP along with the Flexible Display Center (FDC) recently announced the first prototype of affordable and flexible electronic displays at Arizona State University. Computer displays made almost entirely of plastic are called flexible displays. These new flexible displays are more portable and consume less power than other computer displays.

“The display HP has created with the FDC proves the technology and demonstrates the remarkable innovation we’re bringing to the rapidly growing display market,” said Carl Taussig, director, Information Surfaces, HP Labs. “In addition to providing a lower-cost process, SAIL technology represents a more sustainable, environmentally sensitive approach to producing electronic displays.”

The new flexible and unbreakable displays are created by using self-aligned imprint lithography. These displays enable the fabrication of a thin film transistor through the SAIL technology. This production of new flexible displays is seen as the company’s endeavor to progress in making displays from an environmental standpoint.

Via: Hp